Variety Product Pack



We are selling the above variety product packs.  Perfect for newbies or established Ebay and Amazon Sellers.  This package has a value of over $135.00

You will receive the following:

Quantity      Item                                                            Value                                             Total

(2)                Love Bunny Backpacks                           10.00                                              20.00
(1)                 Children’s Swim Shoes                            19.99                                              19.99
(2)                 World’s Greatest Mom Plaque               4.99                                                 9.98
(3)                 Glow Wands                                               3.99                                                12.97
(5)                  Rainbow Stick on Eyelashes                   3.99                                                19.95
(1)                  Wood Beach Paddle Set                         10.00                                               10.00
(1)                  Shelf Sitter Decorative Rooster            14.99                                                14.99
(3)                  IPhone Refrigerator Magnet Sets           5.99                                               17.97
(1)                  Cameo Flashlight & Case                          9.99                                                9.99

The Total Value of this package is $135.84 based upon the price tags of each item listed above.   We have a limited number of these packages we are making available will supplies
last for less than 1/3 of the value…. Only $42.00 and that includes shipping to your door!

Brown Box Value Pack
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