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You have asked for smaller lots, so here is a can’t lose way to try out our service at Brown Box Suppliers.   We are here to make you money!

We just bought a huge lot of Toys.  These are shelf pools from Dollar General.  Most items have retail pricing from $1.00 to $10.00 on the package.  We will send you a small lot of one dozen toys, shipped to your door with a guaranteed retail value of at least $50.00  for only $15.00.

A dozen toys for $15.00!  Yes, that is less than $1.50 each, shipped to your door step.

If you are an experienced Amazon or Ebay Seller this is obviously a no brainer because we all know the last quarter of the year the #1 challenge we have is getting more Toys listed on eBay or shipped to Amazon!   Here is a chance to get ahead of the game.   Those of you who want larger lots, can contact us directly and we will make you the best deal on wholesale toys on the internet.



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Combos Baked Snacks 18 ct Variety Pack

  • Combos Baked Snacks 18ct
  • Yummy
  • 18 single serve snacks total
  • 6 of the snacks are Cheddar Cheese Cracker
  • 6 of the snacks are Cheddar Cheese Pretzel
  • 6 of the snacks are Pizzeria Pretzel

These Boxes Retail online for around $24.95 a Box

We are offering Brown Box Members a Case of 12 Boxes.
Each box has a total of 18 Units as described above.

1 Case of 12 (18) count boxes  $125.00
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Vintage NasCar Bill Elliott 1988 Winston Cup Champion Ford 10oz.Coke Bottle

We normally don’t make collectibles available at Brown Box Sellers, however we ran across a great deal and bought several cases of these bottles. We are going to sell a few 6 bottle lots for our members that sell on Ebay. These are original bottles from 1988 (26 years old) and in excellent collectible condition.

At the time of this post they are selling on eBay from $24.00 – $43.00 each. I would think these will sell well when people are looking for a gift for the NasCar fan in their life.


Lot of 6 Bottles $39.00 ($6.50 each delivered)
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High ROI Product!

Axe Charged Spiked up Look Putty, Travel Size 15g


Let’s Do the Math on this one!


4 Packs are currently selling on Amazon from:
$7.29 with free shipping to $15.00.  The ONE
FBA member is selling the 4 packs for $15.00



So if you can sell 4 packs through FBA at $7.25  per
four pack, you can own this product right now.

We currently have a limited number of cases in stock.

Each case has a total of 256 Units.

If you decide the number of Units per case
256 divide by 4 you get 64.  So you can put
together 64 four packs per case.

With me so far?

At a sales price of $7.25 per 4 pack x 64 packs
your gross profit per case is $464.00.

If you work on a 3 -1 multiple for Amazon
464.00 divided by 3 = $154.66.

If you decided to match the current one and only
FBA sellers price of $15.00 for 4 pack x 64 your
gross profit per case is $960.00.

While they last, we can ship one case to your door
(postage paid for $147.00)

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 Disney Princess Products are Hot Right Now!

Disney Princess Sheets


The margins, on these sheets are not as good as we normally are looking for,
but they are a very consistent seller!

Currently Selling for $28.00 on Ebay

We are offering a low quantity offer on these, so you
can experience Disney Princess Products.

A case of two sets of sheets sent to your door
$20.00 each ($40.00)

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    Why do you send to door instead of sending directly to AMZ?
    That’ll increase shipping cost, no?