Make six figures with Amazon & Ebay sourcing all your products from the Las Vegas ASD show

ASD Trade Show

Dawn and I just returned from the ASD Show in Las Vegas this week

We were sourcing products for our Amazon, Ebay, Brown Box business and some of the other niches we work in.  It was incredible!

We left convinced that in you have enough money to invest, you can do nothing but attend this show twice a year when they have it, place your orders and make six figures a year and never need to source products from any other place.

If you have never been to this show, you need to plan on going as soon as you can.  It is quite an experience with football fields of merchandise for wholesalers and liquidators all over the world.

Here is just an example of one of the items we purchased.

This is a EOS 3 pack lip balm set that is currently selling for $49.00 (Not FBA)   We purchased all they had left for only $3.50 per set.


EOS 3-Pack

There were so many great deals, we didn’t buy anything for our Amazon/Ebay business if we couldn’t price it at 10 times our investment vs. our normal 3 -1 ratio.    To say this show is a gold mine, is an understatement.

We were also able to find some other great products for other niches we work in.   We cannot recommend this show enough, and in the future may do a training event in conjunction with this show.  It happens twice a year, just do a google search for Las Vegas ASD show.

Our Favorite Las Vegas Restaurant               Close-Out Show
“Top of the World”

The Officially Licensed Show                           Relaxing & Rejuvenating at Stratosphere
Oxygen Bar.


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