Lot of 2 Dozen Assorted Hooters Restaurant Collectibles, Novelties & Souvenirs


We just got our hands on a large assortment of officially licensed Hooters novelties, souvenirs & collectibles.

The picture below is just a small sample of the type of items you will receive.

Souvenirs, Caps, Mugs, and other officially licensed Hooters Novelties and
Collectibles, that you will make money with.


Most of these items have very little or zero competition on Amazon & Ebay which basically means you can name your own price, so here is what we are doing.


You will get a box of 2 DOZEN Assorted officially licensed Hooters items mailed to your door for only $55.00.   When you receive your package, check out the items, and if you are not 100% convinced you can double your money, then send the package back within 14 days and we will even reimburse your return shipping cost.  We can’t be any fairer than that.

Some of these items sell individually in the $15.00 – $25.00 range.

We know these items are all what we call “Impulse Buy” items

Someone is looking for golf tees, and think oh cool “Hooters Golf Teas”  as I say this, I see a bag just sold for $20.00 on eBay!



At Brown Box Suppliers, we understand if you don’t make money with our offers, then
we are not going to be in business very long.   This is an excellent opportunity for us to
prove to you what many of our customers already know.   You will make money with our
deals and you don’t have to tie up hundreds of dollars!

Lot of 2 Dozen Assorted officially licensed Hooters Restaurant Collectibles, Novelties & Souvenirs only $55.00 delivered with DOUBLE YOUR MONEY GUARANTEE!


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