is For Sale

At the present time is for sale.

You can send your serious offer via email to:

Dale @ Dale Calvert . com

Include your name, email and phone number.

This domain name is perfect for multiple business models in
the new flip economy. This is a valuable aged domain that was
registered I registered on March 3, 2014.

It is easy to remember and very brandable for the right business,
so if you would like to make a serious offer, we are open. We have
some ideas of our own and may decide to pivot from our original
business plan and build this out in the future.


When we started Brow Box Suppliers we had found a great source
for merchandise for eBay and Amazon here in Atlanta. We made
excess inventory available to our email subscribers and from time
to time through this website.

We have sense changed directions.

Our focus now is on the in Home Health Kit Business Trend and
other businesses.

We believe in the flipping economy and want to support those that
flip items, on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook Market Place, and other

You can find some informative behind the scenes information here:

Complete Selling on PoshMart Tutorial

Gary Vee eBay Selling Trash Talk (All 5 Episodes)

Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage

How to Build and Flip Websites

Sportscard Investing

Peer to Peer Lending

How to Make Money as a Pole Dance Instructor

The point simply is, if you have a desire to make money for yourself online,
for yourself, the opportunities are endless. You must be willing to work,
find the right mentor, and take consistent action.

We consider this article a must read, BEFORE you decide on your Side Gig
Opportunity. The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start
Your Side Gig Business.

Get yourself educated the opportunities online are endless. You can even go visit this online online magic shop, and learn to make money performing as a magician.

We sincerely wish you well and the team here at Calvert Marketing Group will
support you every way we can.

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