AMAZON FBA PRODUCT SOURCING (What you really need to know)


We have had the opportunity to work with many new Amazon FBA entrepreneurs, and everyone that is learning this exciting business model goes through the same mental process.

The fear new people have, is ….  What will happen if I send a few boxes of products to Amazon and it doesn’t sell?

Our response is always the same.  You make money when you BUY, not when you sell, and everything sells on Amazon!  We have sold thousands of items on Amazon and items rarely stay in a Amazon warehouse over 90 days.

Are philosophy is to BUY right, and be the lowest price seller of our items.  Amazon FBA product sourcing is not difficult.  The bottom line is when you get started, you will find more deals in the market than you can possibly buy.  If you have not seen our 3 – 1 Amazon FBA product sourcing video, you can view it here.


We understand that sometimes you just have to experience things for yourself.  It is exciting for us to see the excitement new people experience after making their first sale.   We know, that it will be the first of many sales, if they simply are consistent and get in a flow with this business.

I just want to encourage you to do your research BEFORE you buy, buy right, and you will make money.

Ideally you want to find and sell products that have a lot of reviews.  The more Amazon reviews a product has, normally the quicker it will sell.   We have had dozens of products that were sold within 24 hours after they were listed.

However, we are not afraid to sell obscure niche products, if we can buy right, we don’t care if it takes awhile to move the products, especially when we are making 5 – 10 times our investment.  We believe that your inventory should be a combination of quick selling
products with a lot of reviews that you can make 3 times your money with and high
margin niche products that you can earn 5, 10 times your investment or more.

Below are just a few of the obscure products we have sold on Amazon in the past 90 days.

Amazon FBA Product Sourcing


This is a brand new door Alarm we had less than $10.00 invested in.  Our competition was selling it for around $200 and we sold ours in for $170.00 in less than 24 hours after it was
checked in to the Amazon warehouse.


FBA Product Sourcing


Yes, Medical Professionals shop on Amazon.


Amazon FBA Inventory


We sell these weekly


High Margin Amazon FBA Products


This was a $900 + DVD duplicator.  We made about $500
profit on this item.  It set in the Amazon warehouse for
almost 4 months, but eventually the right buyer came along.
We knew the would!

FBA Product Suppliers

Grease Gun Batteries for $70?  Are you starting to see what we are
talking about?

Amazon FBA Product Sourcing


Now I know you think I am pulling your leg.  Who buys a
AC Condenser for a Chevy Aveo on Amazon?  I don’t know
but like we have tried to communicate, EVERYTHING
sells on Amazon!  This was gone in less than two months,
and made us $65 in profit!

I could go on and on with examples, but just think about this.  If it on Amazon
then somebody is buying it.  The more reviews the better, but don’t be afraid
of investing in product that you can make great profits with.  One of the Secrets
to Amazon FBA Product Sourcing is to mix your inventory and when you find
an obscure product that you can make big returns with don’t be afraid to invest
some of your capital in this type of inventory.


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