About Brown Box Sellers

Supplying Amazon Sellers, Ebay Sellers, Thrift Shop Owners, Flea Market Vendors, FBA Sellers and others products that they can make money with!

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DandDCartoon   BROWNBOXSUPPLIERS.COM is a division of Calvert Marketing Group with offices in Georgetown, Kentucky and Atlanta Georgia.  The company was started by Dale and Dawn Calvert to provide entrepreneurs a honest reliable source for products that they can sell and make a profit with.

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How did you find our website?

“Living in the Atlanta area, we have the opportunity to source products with unique opportunities that don’t exist in other parts of the United States, such as US Postal Auctions”.   In 2000 I started OnlineAuctionU.com to teach people how to make a significant second income selling on eBay.  At the end of 2013 we added Amazon FBA to our training schedule.  The number one question we receive from students that have gone through our training programs is  How do we find a consistent flow of products to sell, without spending hours and hours of our time?  That is the main reason we started Brown Box Suppliers.  We want to provide our customers with quality products that they can have delivered to their door, sell through their chosen distribution channel(s) and make a good profit doing it”

Our 7,500 Square Foot Office and Warehouse in
Georgetown, Kentucky
(608) 618-1322